Finally A Relief From The Cabin Fever

We have had better than a week of rain.  Then this morning we woke up to 2 inches of snow on the ground.  The farmers and the animals have been suffering from a good case of cabin fever.  This afternoon it warmed up some and it didn’t take long for the critters to get outside.

The chickens were out chasing bugs.

During all of this lousy weather, one of the pigs (that we named Double Stuff after her extra wide strip of white across her shoulders) came down with an upper respiratory infection.  Whether she was sleeping or awake her breathing sounded like a loud snore.  After a call to the vet, Farmer Jon got to spend a week giving her penicillin injections.  She didn’t like it much.  On a happy note though she is up and around and starting to gain weight again.  I am, however, happy to have had my stint as a farmer vet over.  If you have never heard them before, piglets can scream like you can’t believe.

Now that the pigs are getting a bit older, they are starting to explore their surroundings.  Their pen is right next to our big compost pile.  Zina caught these pictures of them exploring this new mountain to root around in.  The hams get bigger and bigger!

birds out 2 birds out 3 birds out 4 birds out Wandering ham 2 Wandering ham 3 Wandering ham 4 Wandering ham