Spring Rains and New Babies

April and May are certainly entertaining in Colorado.  While Kansas and Oklahoma are getting pummeled with hail and tornados we have snow!  April 29th and a foot of snow!  Fortunately it is relatively warm out and a lot of it is melting on contact.  Ya Ya I’ve heard it a million times – we need the moisture.  Bah humbug.  I have a water tank to plumb to the greenhouse, a chicken tractor to build, chickens and pigs to care for, and a garden to get ready to plant.  I will be complaining in August of the heat so I guess I should just chill and let nature take her course.


I Knew It. I Just Knew It.

To quote Neil Young, “What will people do? After the garden is gone.”   I grieve every day.  The world is in hospice.  When do we get to justify a violent reaction to unrestrained patriarchy and greed as self-defense and justice?  What about my son?  What about your grandchildren?  Has breeding now become an immoral act?  I feel sorrow for every pregnant woman I see today.  The people who did this have names and addresses.  I think they should be paid a visit.