Smoke and Sunflowers

Because half the country seems to be on fire right now, we have been having pretty smoke filled skies.  Last night we watched the moonrise from the deck and it was as orange as I’ve ever seen it.  While it does make breathing a little uncomfortable at times, the pictures are spectacular.  This is from the deck at about 6 am this past week:

Smoke Sunrise

One of Colorado’s big crops is sunflowers.  There are fields and fields of them around us.  In the past week they have all reached their peak and there is yellow all around us!  Next weekend we will be harvesting in earnest as well.  The garden seems to be doing well despite our inattention this year because of so many distractions.  Zina has already picked all the kidney beans and the wheat is in the winnowing stages.  The potatoes look to not be disappointing.  Getting them up and stored is always a big job.  Hopefully my fingers will be healed up enough after cutting them up working on the greenhouse.  Potatoes involve a lot of hand digging despite the tractor’s best efforts.

Sunflowers 2015

Zina The Reaper!

Zina’s birthday present arrived this past week.  She has had so much fun with the wheat growing and harvesting she decided that she needed something more efficient to cut the stalks with.  As this is nowhere near needing machinery the Scythe was the logical choice.  She has all the gizmos:  The scythe, the peening stone and holster, sharpening kit, and book to teach her all the ins and outs.  I don’t dare sleep now, I may wake to the grim reaper standing over me!!  Happy Birthday Sweetie!

Zina Scythe 2 Zina Scythe

This Thing Is Just About Finished!

Of course now that the more tedious parts of the greenhouse project need to be done, my son started back to school and we are in a heat wave!  While the last remaining pieces aren’t that difficult, I have been forced inside because of the 95 + F temps we have been having.  The walls are up and the door is covered on the back.  I couldn’t keep going today it was just too hot.  So the last steps are to cover the front door, caulk the seam where the roof and the front and back walls meet and then add the decorative trim.  I have had to make many round trips to the hardware store (which is about a 2 hour round trip) because the manufacturer shorted me hundreds of the self-tapping screws.  I kept wondering if I was being over zealous about my screw usage but looking at his website I’m pretty sure I am just following the instructions.

I have burned my thumb and I have bandaids on 3 fingers on my right hand where my cutting/grinder raked across the top of my hand.  Self-inflicted battle wounds.  Now that the whole thing is pretty well sealed up, it is a smart thing that we invested in the fans and vents.  It is definitely a greenhouse!  I’ll bet this afternoon it was 110 inside it.  I’m going to have to get a thermometer to hang in there to see how the temperatures fluctuate and adjust with the seasons.  We are all very excited to see this coming to a conclusion.  This is the end of our hands on construction for 2015.  The solar installers start on September the 8th.  All we’ve had to do with that is print up lots of money!

GH Prog 1 GH Prog 2

It Is Starting To Look Almost Useable!

Aaron and I for yet another weekend, attacked the greenhouse project!  We had to take some time to eyeball and think through the end walls.  The posts you see that frame the doors were too long.  Everything else has fit perfectly and despite the aggravation of dealing with the manufacturer it is indeed one stout structure.  The problem we discovered was in the weight of the roofing and wall trusses.  In an effort to keep me from taking him to court, the manufacturer upgraded the framing steel from 16 gauge to 12.  It is seriously heavy.  I think the design software he was using didn’t take into consideration the sag that would happen because of the added weight.  Aaron sat down and did a few diagrams and we came to the conclusion that the added weight pressed down the roof and made it shorter than expected.  We went back and forth for most of a morning.  After all, this project wasn’t cheap.  Now we are considering cutting two pretty important pieces. It turned out that we were correct and all is coming together fabulously!

We got the front and back doors attached.  Today I finally got to move and fill the 12 raised beds.  They had been weathering in the outdoors since last February but they held up pretty well.  After watching the mice scatter after moving the tarp over the dirt we had delivered back in March, I set to placing and filling the beds.

Tomorrow, Aaron and I will put up the last 4 steel braces on the front and back and then install the fans and vents.  When that is all done, Zina and I will add the last of the plastic panels and check this project off the list as DONE!

I am so glad to see how well this has come together.  It has been such a ridiculous comedy of errors to even get the thing to the property.  This marks the last of my seriously huge projects that I will be doing myself.  There are a few others, but I am so tired of building things that I am going to treat myself to the use of contractors.  I’m spent.  Its time to just farm.

Next up once the permits are issued:  The solar array.  Should be up and going in a couple of weeks!

Beds 2 2015 Beds 3 2015 Beds 2015

Red Skies At Night….. The Country Is On Fire

Aaron and I were driving to the farm yesterday and I asked, “Is it foggy out here?”  I thought my sunglasses were dirty.  Aaron answered, “Yes it is very hazy”.  It turns out that once again our skies are foggy because the country is burning down.  Colorado and the north west are burning in a manner that is almost incomprehensible.  Fire fighters being brought in from other countries because, in essence, we are tapped out.  For the first time, they are looking for volunteers.  If you think climate change is a hoax and you are dumb enough to listen to the bought and paid for politicians that try to convince you it is not an established fact you are one of the dumbest individuals that has ever donned a human suit.  We are truly screwed and it is a very short time until we see most of our species, and the rest of them for that matter, die.  I don’t farm because I think I can do anything about it now.  I farm because it feels right.  That would be my suggestion:  sit down, close your eyes, and ask yourself…. what do you want while you have the time to choose.  I can no longer act like it isn’t happening when I have known for decades that it is.  Peace.  Please. Peace.

Blood Red Sun, Pink Skies.  From hundreds of fires.  We really screwed up this place.

Fire sun 2015

Wind, Ulcers and Lots More Progress!

I have been playing a bit of hooky from work this last half of August.  I usually do as I used to take off for archery elk hunting.  Aaron came back from town today and there must have been damned near a tornado.  No sooner do we say that it looks like the greenhouse stayed up for the day we were gone that we saw the unattached plastic…. EVERYWHERE! There was even a piece behind the house in the wheat field over 100 yards away!  This is what it looked like:


Needless to say we kind of freaked until we discovered that none of it was damaged.  A contractor once told me that the need to pick up a sheet of plywood is directly proportional to the velocity of the wind!  No truer words were ever spoken!  These pieces of plastic are pretty light and pliable.  They must have just lifted up from the wind during the thunderstorm and they turned into kites.

It was MUCH cooler today so Aaron and I set to it.  We got the rest of the roof on and the side walls.  We had one incidence when the wind took one of the panels and threatened to rip two others off.  Wind SUCKS!!  Especially out here!

BUT!  It looks awesome.  I will not disclose any of our “errors”  As far as all readers are concerned… it is absolutely perfect:

GH7 GH8 GH9 GH10

Tomorrow we will start building the door wall frames and begin placing the raised beds who’s boxes have been sitting outside since last February!  Finally!

The Garden Continues Despite our Neglect

With all the rain this year, plants that have laid dormant have now exploded to life… much to our chagrin.  Most are weeds.  Anyone who has not had to contend with goat heads count yourself fortunate – they are proof positive that nature cares not a wit for you and me.  It has been our best intention to weed and tend 3 beds a day while we are out here.  That will keep the weeds down and cover the whole garden every 6 days.  Best laid plans I guess.  However, the garden produce appears to be coming along nicely despite our seemingly life consuming, never ending projects.  Farmer Juan has declared that his days of non-stop construction are done once the greenhouse is completed.  We have the infrastructure now to produce virtually everything we eat.  My commitment to myself is to use next year’s season to grow and tend, not get bogged down on the business end of another friggin’ power drill!  Yes there will always be projects, but it is now time to let them be of secondary importance and enjoy the reason for all of the construction in the first place.  Yes we will be adding grazing livestock which will mean fencing and a barn; but the barn is going to involve someone else’s back and tools and frustrations… not mine.  Fences are easy.  My first love is growing stuff.  We have grown a lot, but it has had to take a back seat to 3 years of building. THREE YEARS!!  No wonder I’m so sore all the time.

We are going to have a bumper crop of carrots, onions, kidney beans, potatoes and beets. The Butternut and Acorn Squash are looking pretty good and we are experimenting with melons for the first time.  The melons are forming, it will just be interesting to see if they actually have any taste to them. The tomatoes simply haven’t recovered from the freezes they were subjected to because of the infuriating conflict with the greenhouse company.  Good thing we had a big crop last year.  It will get us through a lot of the winter. I did our annual trek to the local organic farm and got our sweet corn for the year and we now have 50 lbs of corn in the freezer. As cheaply as they produce it and how well the ears are formed, it makes no sense to waste my time planting our own. We are awaiting the tomatillos for salsa, the peppers are being put up and I’ve canned 10 pints of pickled Jalapeños.  We will be starting broccoli and cauliflower, spinach and lettuce downstairs in anticipation of growing in the greenhouse this fall.  I can’t believe I can now say that with some confidence.

Our newest addition.  We call her Happy Feet.  Can’t for the life of me figure out those feathered legs.  She was a “surprise” bonus bird that came with the broilers this year.  Slowly she is being accepted into the flock but the disruption in the pecking order has been quite apparent.

Happy Feet 1 Happy feet 2

Our melons attempting to melon.

Melons 2015 2 Melons 2015 3 Melons 2015 4 Melons 2015

Poblano and Cayenne peppers.  Don’t rub your eyes after cutting up Cayennes!!!

Peppers 2015 1 Peppers 2015 2

We have grown dozens of Sunflowers this year.  Will be saving the seeds for the chickens.  This plant is six or seven feet tall!