Today’s Positive Affirmation

Because I have……  Several times.  I don’t care who it was that implied that you should.  Don’t.



Out To Feed. Hope That You Never Have To Bug Out In This!

The wind howled all night.  Thumps and bumps kept us wondering what will need to be fixed.  We can’t tell yet if the snow has stopped and is just blowing around now, or if it’s still coming down.  I posted yesterday that this wasn’t the biggest storm I’ve been through but it is in the top 2.  The biggest was when I lived at 8200 feet back in the 80’s.  The drifts are as tall as me.  I’m 6’1” with my boots on.  Zina is dwarfed by them.  Many of the fences are completely buried as you can see on one of them relative to the T Post.  I took a few pictures this morning until I started to frost bite my fingers.

The snow was pretty wet while it accumulated and the 40 mph winds glazed everything with ice.  I could walk up onto the drifts and then sink as the ice gave way.  It was aerobic work just to get to the barn to feed.

The critters are all fine.  The boy goats took the brunt of it.  The wind swirled around their hut and some came inside.  We gave them a whole bale of hay this morning to both eat and curl up in.  Tank had ice on his fur and Dozer had a frozen hairdo.  Tough tough little buggers.

Tank and Dozer’s struggle through the night gave me Prepper pause. So many blogs about having to leave or “bug out” because of an LCE (Life Changing Event) seem to revolve around the non-winter months.  I’m tellin’ ya, if you had to bug out, or survive in this……. you wouldn’t.  I’ve snow camped before.  Folks would only find a human popsicle with a lot of neat gear.

The girl goats and the donkeys and the turkeys were all sequestered in the barn and are fine.  We discovered where the barn isn’t air tight.  The blizzard found all the cracks.

The chicken coop is completely drifted in and we couldn’t open the door to get eggs.  Once this blows out of here we will go shovel it out.  Fortunately, with the blowing snow, the chicken wire cover didn’t get loaded down.

For all the hassles we went through to get our greenhouse, you won’t hear me complain about it.  It took this wind, drift weight and snow with no issues.

This was one for the JAZ Farm history book.  I guess we are making up for the drought from the past 2 years.  Some of these drifts will be here for weeks.


The greenhouse is still standing!!


It seems we won’t be camping soon.


Those are 5 foot posts.




Nanook of the worrywart clan.


What drought?


Taller than me.  That brown isn’t just the ground.  It is dust encrusted ice.  Very slick.


I don’t think the dogs will be using their huts any time soon!


Living Up To The Hype

So the much ado wasn’t about nothing.  The sustained winds are up around 40 mph.  Fortunately, the gusts really haven’t happened.  It is just a combination of strong winds and LOTS of snow.  That translates into drifts.  Zina just made an attempt to go out to the barn to check on the critters (that you cannot see from the house right now).  The pioneer woman couldn’t get there and got turned back.  Of course the dogs think its a hoot.  So far we have 4 to 6 foot drifts and can only get out of the house via the basement door.  We are told to expect another 7 inches by midnight.  Oh boy!

I can understand completely, how, in generations past,  it was possible to get lost just going out to the outhouse.  You dress like you are wearing a space suit and venture out into the unknown.  It’s a Mars white-scape.  There is about ZERO visibility.  There is nothing left to do now but wait it out.  It’s supposed to be in the 40’s on Friday.  Which, of course, will bring … floods.

My only regret is that I haven’t gotten the new water catchment system hooked up yet.  This storm would have filled the 1000 gallon tank all by itself.  We haven’t lost power; although it wasn’t for lack of trying.   The inter-webs are very slow.  I guess smoke signals don’t travel well in a blizzard.  I canned 22 quarts of roast, weaved a bit, and Zina has been working from home and sorting through boxes as a result of our house consolidations.  This isn’t the biggest I’ve been through, but the drifting and white out conditions have been impressive.



So the blizzard has arrived.  It rained all night to start it all out so the snow is now piling over mud puddles.  Zina closed up everyone in the barn so all should be well.  The little bucks hunker down in a 12 foot hog hut and it has a wind break fence behind them so they are all toasty.  It isn’t exceptionally cold, its just a huge blow.

We are officially cut off from the world.  The highway is closed from Denver to the Kansas state line.  This is expected to last through noon tomorrow.

This storm made the barometric pressure plummet.  That is bad for folks with muscle and joint issues.  I had to take drugs first thing this morning.  I haven’t been this frozen up since surgery.  Mostly all better now.

The inter-tubes and the power are flickering so hopefully this gets posted before it all cuts out and we have to run on batteries.

Bombogenesis:  Native American word for Big Ass Storm.  Then comes the mud….. again.