Basil Got Traded In On A Chocolate Version

Living out here on the plains, the one incredible thing you get to see are the storms develop and then move in.  Last night we had some incredible storms (think Wizard of Oz) blow in.  There were flash flood warnings, tornado Warnings, hail and thunderstorm warnings, and all manner of deluges.  We watched the storms build to the west, come overhead, dump buckets of rain, and then move off to Oklahoma, Kansas and Nebraska.

All is well though.  The next morning, of course, it was quite muddy.  We got up to go check on the chickens who are now inhabiting the coop.  Basil is not allowed in there for obvious reasons and was somewhat jealous of us spending all kinds of time in there.  I had to hang the nesting boxes and we have one who has a hurt foot that we have been obsessing over.

Evidently said puppy child decided that if she wasn’t going to be given the attention that all princesses evidently deserve, that she was going to find her own fun.  The fun…… was a mud puddle.  She might be a dumb blond in real life, but today she was a horse of a decidedly different color.  Spent the morning showering her off.

IMG_2644 IMG_2648

The New Dog Run

Basil is a sweetie but there are times when a dog simply needs to be outside by herself.  Labs are very devoted to their pack, and they will follow you around everywhere…. ALL THE TIME!

So in order for us to do all the painting and repairs needed on the house, between snowstorms Aaron and I  built a dog run for her highness.

We discovered in the process what kind of soil we have here as well.  According to a local fencer it is sand with about 20% clay.  It is incredibly well drained but it also hard packs under pressure.  The post hole auger helped but it was back breaking work!  The end result turned out well.  Basil hates it, but too bad, sometimes we need a moment sans puppy!

Doggy Prison:

IMG_2185 IMG_2213 IMG_2215 IMG_2239

Very Photogenic

Here is Basil today out at the farm looking very queenly.  She LOVES it out here.  While we are out working on projects she is tearing around like a crazy woman sniffing everything she can get her nose to.  Of course, if there is one thing on the entire 40 acres you would rather she not get into, that is precisely what she’ll find…. i.e.  the pick-up sized piles of manure that were left from the previous owners (fertilizer!).  Not only is it soft and stinky she can play “queen of the castle” on it as well!

Pretty girl


Dog Royalty

Dog Royalty

The Farm Dog

Right around the same time that we purchased the farm we also found Basil.  She is a pure bred Yellow Lab.  Basil was born in Wichita, Kansas on September the 11th, 2012.  It didn’t take long for her to win over all of our hearts.

IMG_3219 IMG_2095 IMG_2291