Springtime on the Plains

Spring has sort of sprung here!  After a very white April we are starting to see signs of growth and green!  Of course we are expecting snow this Wednesday but we’ll take the sunshine and warmth while we may!  Almost overnight the prairie flowers shot up.  Our entire field is purple!  After doing some research we found the flowers to be called “Purple Mustard”.  Evidently they are invasive (figures) and wheat growers hate them because they reduce yield.  They like to invade land that has been tilled up and not used for a season or two (like ours).  They have a distinct (but not too unpleasant) smell.  During the sunrise and later on in the afternoon the sun really brings out the color.  Zina got a shot or two of them.

IMG_2332 IMG_2330 IMG_2329

Primed for color

The coop project is coming along steadily.  Zina finished priming it so the new paneling wouldn’t get weathered while we build (we are actually expecting snow again Wednesday – it was 75 degrees today! – no global weirding involved! ; )  )  I have begun framing the interior.  While it is much less heavy and awkward than hanging the new panels, I have been reminded of what squat-thrusts were all about in high school PE:  “Up, Down, measure, lift, move, cut, haul, squat, nail, drill, up…. repeat”.

IMG_2325 IMG_2328 IMG_2337 IMG_2336 IMG_2334



In between homework assignments Aaron came out and assembled a bench for us.  It will be used to while away the hours at the Chicken Hilton watching the entertainment  (of course, Basil tried to help!)




I was wounded in action today!  It was kind of like being shot with a BB Gun.  I had to pull out an old nail with a crowbar and in my not so subtle and gentle fashion I pulled the head right off the nail!  It sparked as it left – indicating it was hot – and lodged itself in my forearm.  Chicken battle wounds.  What one won’t do for their hobby!