Dorothy Wake Up!

We just had a wicked front blow past us out here at the JAZ Farm – hail, thunder, lightning… the whole kit.  On its way to terrorize Kansas it left us with a COMPLETE double rainbow.  It even had the supernumerary band.  While that doesn’t bode well for night observing (it is now muddy as all get out) the daytime astronomical event was nothing short of stunning.

IMG_2430 IMG_2427

Coop Deville

Finally got some good weather so out I went, tools in hand, to finally get the chicken coop building enclosed.  I fixed one of my goofs, installed the automatic chicken door (it has a sensor that detects when the sun comes up and when it goes down which makes it open and close – very cool!) and built the new people door.  That kind of thing is always fun when nothing is square.  The bottom of the door jam is almost an inch wider than the top because of the pole barn posts I am contending with.  Turned out pretty fair though.  Now the “coop” stuff happens.  Vents, windows, roosts, egg boxes, all the fun stuff.  Oh ya, insulating it and putting up the inside walls.  For all this work, these little ladies better appreciate their “Hilton”.