Fall Is Here And Harvest Is Winding Down

We got most of the city garden put to bed this past week.  Still some to do but most of it is done.  While pulling up all of the tomato vines we discovered that we had about half a bushel of tomatoes yet to pick!  Woohoo!  I got to try out my birthday present!  Zina bought me a jehnyouwine Eyetalian Eeeelectric tomato masher!  No more having to grind them for sauce all by hand!!  Electric motors and spinning things are wonderful inventions!  Just in the city we harvest at least 250 lbs of tomatoes a year.  All of the tomatoes that we don’t just freeze or can whole have to be run through a food mill so that the skin and seeds are removed.  This can take hours by hand, and necessitate serious neck and shoulder massages!  This beastie went through a half bushel of tomatoes inside 15 minutes.  I figure that if Aaron is going to be the engineer and not the farm hand, and Zina is at work and a part time farm hand, I need at least some gizmos to keep me from passing out!  This was just the ticket.  The sauce is on the stove cooking down and the whole house smells great!


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