Now The Concrete

At long last the post holes are all dug.  The tractor lived to tell about it!  I am so glad to have it finished.  Now to haul, poor and set 51, 60 lb bags of Quick-Crete.   I did the first 10 yesterday with hopes to do a bunch more today (Friday).  My back is having something to say about that.  Going to give it a rest for a day or two.  Zina leaves on a business trip Sunday and I will be alone for the following 8 days.  Will get the inner-hulk healed and re-motivated and kick em out.  I am so happy that this is all proceeding on my “self-imposed” schedule.  It was a year ago this week when we found the place.  It has been my goal to have the farm “farmable” in the first year.  The house is almost all remodeled (contractors are coming in the next week to replace the doors and one window, and we are having the place painted).  This will make the place water tight and with the exception of some bathroom issues, completely livable.

The next step after fencing in the garden is to get the compost dug into the soil and get the drip irrigation installed.  The second coop needs to be built so we can have the broiler birds going by about next May (plenty of time).  This coop is a part of the existing one.  It won’t be as big a project as the first one.  Broilers don’t need roosts, nesting boxes, etc. and the fencing and building are already constructed.  I need to build a floor, install one wall, an automatic chicken door and a people door.  We then need to get the “sanitary” processing equipment.

So off I go to make some righteous homemade pizza.  Tonight its home made whole wheat pizza crust, our own dehydrated tomatoes, our own garlic, and our own eggplant, topped with cheese from Zina’s company.  I love homesteading!

The birds are all about the size of basket balls now.  We have made the change from growing food rations to adult hen layer feed.  All growed up!  Can’t wait to see the first eggs!

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