Fishing for Props, Back Pats and Atta Boys!!

To all my Doomer, Prepper, Peaker, Survivalist, Environmentalist, Collapsitarian, Homesteader, and Organic Gardener friends: A call for Props, Back Pats and Atta Boys! (Hey if I don’t get it from you there’s only the dog here!)

51 years old, 51 8 foot by 6 inch fence posts with 3 foot holes, 51 60lb bags of concrete, two days…….. DONE!!!! I am IRON MAN… sing with me daa daa dadadaa dadadada da da da daa.

I still have to hang the gates and string the fence but the days of EVERYTHING I TOUCH this past year weighing over 60 lbs and having to be lugged because NONE of it has handles, are OVER!!! The JAZ farm house has been virtually 100% remodeled, the dog run/future goat pen, DONE. Ginormous Chicken coop… DONE. 51 ffffffffreeeeeekin fence posts for my 3/4 acre garden – DONE! Time: one year – right on my self-imposed schedule! Almost time to get down to the business and enjoyment of planting! Woohoo!!! Uh huh, Uh huh! whodaman? whodaman? dats right dats right!!!

Ok I’m back…. sorry. ; )

Lessons learned: Use a power washer to soften up the ground before you auger in Colorado soil. Don’t drop bags of Quick Crete on the ground or you’ll cuss and scoop up lots of cement. If the auger goes in crooked don’t leave it that way or the posts won’t go in right, and 2…… take your time or you will be drinking lots of Aspirin/Wine pain bombs. Anybody near enough to come by and walk on my back?

Pictures for proof! Oh ya, and there is one a good friend sent of a picture out the window of a plane while we were having our floods!! This looks like it is near our farm. Can’t really tell but it looks close. Beautiful though…. even if it did send CAFO crap and Oil down every stream in the state.

IMG_2891 IMG_2890 IMG_2889 IMG_2888


2 comments on “Fishing for Props, Back Pats and Atta Boys!!

  1. says:

    I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO proud of everything that you and Zina have accomplished!!!!! Shall I come in the spring and help plant?????????????? Mom

    • aghippie says:

      Sure.  Zina is in New Orleans and Michigan this week.  We need to find out what the spring looks like.  Don’t know when Aaron is done with school.  It will be quite a project though!  Thinking the home garden will be about what it was.  The farm will probably be lots of potatoes, beans, corn, sunflowers and such, to see how I handle it.  Its pretty big!  Gotta figure out what will grow the best out here.  I have a fair idea but I will need to sit down in the next couple of months and figure it all out.  Thinking root types of things will be a good start.  Maybe carrots and onions and such.  Garlic is already planted at home.  The home garden will probably still be the tomato patch and then maybe some more herb type things.  Dunno.  Also will be brooding some broiler chicks.  

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