You Don’t See This Very Often

Roosters can be fairly nasty critters.  I don’t dislike them, after all, they are just performing their duties.  But since we discovered that we have 4 of them, we are kind of watching to see which have the best temperament, the others are auditioning for “stew”.  The Wyandotte made the stew list by default.  We want to have a laying flock of Buff Orpingtons and his  presence will “fowl” that a bit.  One down.  The three remaining are vying in the selection process.  We think we have narrowed this down as well.  Roosters don’t typically like to be handled.  In fact, trying to catch a couple of them is just about an impossibility.  Except for one.  He is the biggest of the 3 and seems to like human company.  Today when we brought them their daily treats, Aaron picked him up and it stayed there on his own volition.  There was no struggling, fussing, or as so often happens, biting.  It is pretty clear that the other two Orpington boys are vying for their spot below this one.  He has something of an attitude of confidence. He knows they are no bother.  These other two chase each other around, jump on the hens, bite at each other…. ding ding!  Winners for new membership into the stew pot!

It is pretty unsual to see this, so Zina got some great pictures just so it doesn’t become an old “chicken” tale (tail).

IMG_3055 IMG_3071

Basil Post Thanksgiving Crazy Lady

After having to put up with the lazy humans yesterday and being completely driven nuts with all of the Thanksgiving day food smells, Basil got to go out and romp out in the back 30.  She was so excited that she tried to fetch the frisbee while carrying the stick she was playing with.  Now, after having put on several miles she is crashed in her crate……. dad is very grateful.

IMG_3028 IMG_3030 IMG_3035