Cummon Spring!

The chickens are laying, the hydroponic grow tables are growing greens, the meal worms are multiplying, the seed catalogs have come and the orders have been placed.  Now its time to get this ridiculous winter behind us and start planting!!!

I have both the city and the farm gardens entered into the planning software.  I use the gardening software that Mother Earth News published.  It lets you design beds and enter the plants you want to use.  It will tell you when to plant them based on your estimated last frost dates.  Also, because of the opportunities to add plants in succession after others have been harvested, it will clue you when to start those seedlings as well.

I will start the seeds for the Broccoli and Cauliflower in the next week or two.  They will go out in the hoop houses in the city around the 1st of April.  At the end of February, the mass seedling planting gets started.  The seedling room at the farm and the grow room in the city will be chock full O’ baby plants.

Dripworks is going to love me this year.  I have identified the drip tape irrigation system I’m going to use.  It looks like I will be able to get water to the farm garden without too much trouble.

The itch for spring has started.  The seed orders have arrived.  About 2/3ds of them are pictured below.  The potatoes, Asparagus, some of the onions, and the Strawberries all will arrive in the spring.  The Garlic is already in the ground waiting for the spring thaw.  Can’t wait to get it all going.  Time to grow things again!

seeds 2 seeds1