Planting is coming, Planting is coming, Planting is coming…..

It snowed on Friday, it was sloppy and muddy on Saturday, and today, even though there was one less hour, it was 70+ degrees and sunny!  The tractor got fired up and the final push to form the raised beds and get the drippers plumbed has begun!

IMG_3193 IMG_3192 IMG_3191

Chicken Superheroes… In Capes!

There is a whole lotta fen-hucking going on these days.  We are getting 2 dozen eggs a day and the roosters want em all to be fertile.  As a result, the hens can get bare back.  The “chicken saddles” as they are called, help to keep the chance for infection down and allows the feathers to grow back.

IMG_3199 IMG_3198 IMG_3197