My Amazing Friend

She is now just a year and a half old.  Amazing.  How an animal, who only wants to be with her “pack” can be such an incredible friend.  She was so easy to train.  She only wants to make you happy.  She can infuriate you and make you melt…. all in about the span of an hour.  Basil is family.  She is one of the tribe.  She was THE RIGHT ANSWER for a guy who spends an awful lot of time alone dealing with stress.  She never lets you be alone and when you are feeling particularly grumpy about all of the nonsense of the real world…. she brings you a toy and wags her tail.  Dogs ARE Buddha nature.

IMG_3252 IMG_3251

Wind Break Progress

The fence is up and the JAZ Farm has a windbreak on the south side!  I put up 400 pickets yesterday and in the past two days have screwed in 2000 screws.  Even with a screw driver attached to a drill my shoulder is aching pretty good.

The next step is to put braces along the back.  We get a good wind and that fence will be laying on the ground.  The braces are pretty simple;  Just 2×4’s attached to the frame and a small sono-tube footer for it to cement into.  We had some 30 mph winds while I was putting up the pickets and you could tell that the garden was being sheltered from it.  Good thing to.  9o feet long plus a second section 35 feet long.  It is high time these construction projects were done so we can get to planting!

We have decided that above all else…. We love our JAZ Farm!!

fence 1 fence 2

Why To Build Fences

Bun Rabbits abound in the wheat field.  Standing out on the deck after spotting the antelope we noticed that the “tumbleweeds” up closer to the house not only moved but had ears.  Jack Rabbits!

They may be cute but they don’t get my termaters!  A 12 gauge may be in order.

IMG_3282 IMG_3278

A Different Sort Of Critter Down On The Farm

Zina was washing dishes this evening and looked out into the wheat field and thought she saw our dog.  She couldn’t figure out why she would be so far away from the house when she almost never ventures too far away.  She got out the spotting scope and asked me if it could be a deer.  Close.  Antelope.  We get them with fair frequency out here.  He/she was just out for some evening snacking.  From our deck, it didn’t even care if we existed.

This is about an eighth of a mile away.

IMG_3275 IMG_3271 IMG_3268