One Ambitious Contractor

Happy Fourth of July from JAZ Farm!

I was making a righteous breakfast Frittata today with home grown garlic, Broccoli, Potatoes, Onion, Red Pepper, Cheese, and and and…..   and who should drive up but the guy we contracted to put up our new deck!  The old one was pretty pathetic and after I bumped into one of the legs with the tractor and cracked it, the decision was inevitable that we replace it.

The lumber came yesterday (the 3rd).  Zina called him to let him know it was here and voila!  He is here on the 4th of July building our deck!  I must say I was surprised.  Thanks to our realtor, who is a referral data base, we have had absolutely no trouble with any of the contractors we have had to higher for the work I just can’t get to.  Thanks Ron!

Now we will be able to sit outside and stare off into the plains once again.  New Deck 2014


Not bad for a day’s work.  Finishing up tomorrow!

IMG_3464 IMG_3463

My Favorite Harvest of the Year

The first, and my favorite, harvest of the year is the Garlic patch.  This year I planted three beds instead of the one I usually do.  That way I can save the best and biggest bulbs and use them for seed this fall.  I usually grow all the garlic I need for the year and this past year was no exception…. even more than we needed.  It is also very good for the chickens so they will be getting the rest of last year’s harvest after it gets ground up in the food processor.

It is ridiculous to think that 90% of the garlic consumed in the US is grown in and exported by…. China!  If you have a 5 x 5 plot, some garlic cloves (not from the grocery store) and the brains to water them in the spring, you can grow all you need and it is one of the easiest crops to grow.  It also has FAR more flavor than the junk at Kroger, Safeway, Walmart, etc., and you have the satisfaction of having grown it yourself.  Give it a shot!

Garlic Harvest 2014