Potatoes Squash and Such

The harvest continues.  The potatoes are going to be epic.  The carrots are out of this world.  The beets just keep on doing their thing and we are SO excited to have peppers when we thought they had been completely destroyed. The Acorn Squash are amazingly tasty.  Zina weeded most of the day and I processed food.  We froze peppers, dehydrated Chillies, put carrots in the fridge, cellared squash, and made more refrigerator dills.   Oh ya, I also saved a whole bunch of seeds for next year from all of this.  What a rebel!

Tomorrow we can carrots.

Potatoes 2014 Squash and Such 2014

The Herbs Are Taking Over!

It’s official.  Oregano has been declared a terrorist herb.  It is threatening to take over the JAZ Urban Farm!


The penalty has been pronounced…. drying by hanging!

hanging Oregano

Oh it is ABOUT Thyme!!


Anyone need a little SAGE advice?


After all its just a shuck and CHIVE.


Bean there!



The Vastness Of The High Plains

Took a drive the other day.  Looked in my rearview mirror and this caught my attention.  If you have the eyes for it, the vastness of the high plains is stunning.eternity


The road home took me around behind our place.  Turns out there are several homesteads back there.  One with Llamas.