Stage One of the Pig Pen

The three of us got out today and laid out the 30 x 60 foot rectangle for the new pig pen.  Wow did we get anal about that!  We even made sure it is parallel to the house!  We got out the long measuring tape, measured the front edge from the farm house and equidistant from the sidewalk, put down the rebar, measured the hypotenuse of the right triangle to make sure it is squared and then put the posts in their proper proximity to the holes that will need to be dug.  They will all go in 2 feet deep leaving a 4 foot top.  Livestock panels and a gate will get attached and I am designing the shelter, water and feeding systems as well as shading areas.  To make this work we are going to have to find a couple of participants who want to buy into a whole pig or a side.  We will use one a year but they need to be raised in two’s or three’s because they are social.  Either that or we will get a few and then simply send one to the processor from time to time.  If we do that then we are given another set of variables; that being water heaters and heated shelters for winter.  Farmer Jon is thinking not.  That headache would fall squarely in his lap just like the chickens.  Unless I can quit my job…. HINT!  I can’t be out here to take care of wintering livestock.  Client livestock has something to say about that!  So we will probably get them in April and send them off to become freezer dwellers six months later and repeat every spring.


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