Happy Gratitude Day!!

We are waiting on Jon to finish the last of the chef-ing.  We have been fun recounting the JAZ Farm progression for the past couple years. December 4th 2012 was the closing on this place. Not quite 2 years. Basil the farm dog will have been with us 2 years tomorrow. I was sitting around Thanksgiving of 2012 wondering if the closing would actually happen (the first place we bid on fell through and I thought I would commit Harakiri). I started to think, whether or not we get the farm, I need a pooch.

I started surfing and found Basil. I emailed the powers that be and they held her for us. Off we went and the day after Thanksgiving the cutest little turd joined our family.
In less than two years we have refurbished a house, coop and garden from bottom to top and left to right. The farm in its second summer has produced almost all the core foods we need since around July of 2014. The work has been amazingly difficult but more worthwhile than anything I have ever done. We know the future includes more of the same and will soon include a huge greenhouse and a pig pen (if my wife can handle sending the “cuteness” of the piggies off to the bacon maker).
Our Thanksgiving dinner is all of the fixings but we are having chicken instead of Turkey. We did an inventory and the farm has produced far more of what we are eating than what we had to purchase.
We made the bread for the stuffing
The chickens were raised here
We raised the potatoes, onions, garlic, beans, carrots, chicken and squash.
We had to purchase the apples, raisins, canned pumpkin and cranberries and celery.
We figure that 85% of what we are being Thankful for today was grown by our own hands.
I love this place more than I have anything else ever. Happy Gratitude day everyone.

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