Happy 2015!

Its been awhile since my last post (Thanksgiving actually).  With the wrap up of the harvest and the onset of winter things slowed down some.  We are still waiting for our greenhouse kit to arrive but even if it did show up the drifts outside would make it pretty tough to assemble!

Grandma made her appearance for the holidays as well.  Things have been pretty mellow and we are now starting to turn our attention to the seeds needed for next spring.  As cabin fever began to set in, I had to get something green going so I planted bunches of lettuce, kale spinach, and chard in the basement hydroponics and seedling tables.

Aaron has learned some woodworking with dear old dad and has become pretty adept at flying quad-copters (small drones that can take aerial videos).  If I can ever figure out how to post one of the videos from it I will post it.  We have one that is a fly over of the farm and it is pretty fun to see the place from the sky!

So I hope everyone has a wonderful 2015.  Of course, we will all still be mistakenly putting 2014 on everything for awhile.  Its just the usual transition.

I figured that if I am going to live true to myself I would have to give up everything but the mountains and the farm!  Hmmmm, pretty intriguing thought!  Maybe that will need to be my resolution:  No more “have to’s”  Wouldn’t that be nice!


IMG_0011-2                     IMG_0036




The JAZ Farm Weemins say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

IMG_0028             IMG_0048



Time to get back to what’s important!


IMG_0039 IMG_0034 IMG_0035


Aaron learns some woodworking skills with the old man.

IMG_0060     IMG_0063     IMG_0065

Zina’s Christmas present:  A grain mill and table.


In anticipation of the greenhouse the raised bed boxes are built.  Now to order the dirt and compost!


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