The Indoor Polar Vortex Make Shift Chicken Coop

So winter has returned to the JAZ Farm.  We have been sub-zero temperatures at night which has put a damper on the building projects for awhile.  We are still waiting for the greenhouse folks to deliver and it is making me looney.  For those of you who know me, incompetence makes me crazy.  Don’t tell me you are going to deliver in 7 weeks and make me wait 16 and not tell me why.  In my job I have messed up on only a few trades in my 26 year career and had my butt reamed each and every time.  This guy has the nerve to act surprised about why I am annoyed.  Anyway.  Enough ranting.  If he gets it here by our new agreed upon deadline all is forgiven.  If not…. guess I’ll be going down to see what Austin, Texas looks like.

The babies are feathered out but can’t handle the zero and sub zero weather we are now experiencing. Two weeks ago it was 70. We use a 6 foot diameter water tank for the newly hatched chicks. At 5 weeks they were a tad over crowded. This morning we wrapped the seedling tables with chicken wire, sealed the escape routes, caught all the screaming teenagers and they all now seem to think the new digs are pretty awesome. Now they have enough room to grow until spring weather arrives and they can go outside and join the big girls. What a couple of red neck hicks. Chickens in the basement. Guess that is no worse than having calves in the kitchen when I was working in ranch country!

Indoor 200- 2:2015      Indoor coop 2 2 2015

Indoor coop 2 2:2015      Indoor coop 4 2 2015

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