Lumite Is A Gardner’s Best Friend

So after all of the torrential rains of May through the first part of June we are now having our first heat wave of the year.  Expecting a high of 96 and we are already pretty close to it.  The noonday sun drove us indoors after about a 3 1/2 hour work session.  It is definitely one of those days where you can drink a gallon of tea and not pee.

Everything is coming up in the gardens, the young laying hens are now starting to lay many eggs, the meat birds have gone out into the outdoor coop, and the pigs are slopping around in the wallow.

Of course, the vegetables aren’t the only things that like the good growing conditions.  The weeds have turned it up a notch and the prairie grasses could win an award for tenacity.  Son Aaron headed back to the Shitty early because the blooming grasses were wreaking havoc on his allergies.  Trying to keep the grass cut back is like trying to defend a castle from invasion.  That’s one of the big reasons we are considering cows.  Lawn mowers that create compost…. the best of all worlds.

Today we started laying down the Lumite weed barrier in the garden walkways.  It is all is being nailed down with 12 inch nails that have washers on them so the fabric doesn’t tear.  So far it looks pretty promising.  If it can keep some of the bindweed and goat-heads from invading, the garden will be a much easier place to be.  If you’ve never had the pleasure of goat-heads count your blessings.  They are evil awful things that are like stepping on or sitting on staples.

After the Lumite is all down then work will begin in earnest on assembling the greenhouse.  Yes it arrived.  It was the worst purchasing experience of our lives.  He didn’t honor his commitment of adding an additional 8 feet to compensate us for our patience and he claims he shipped some Hat Channel steal that is needed to square everything up and it did not arrive.  He is a rude, awful individual, and I am no longer going to fight it.  I need to re-find my Zen space and a continued fight with a person who can only be classified as an immature narcissist, is no longer in my quiver.  If you are ever in the market for a greenhouse, avoid Greenhouse Pro’s at any and all cost.

We go and meet with the Solar Panel folks this coming Friday. They are local, I can look them in the eye. Hopefully this experience will be a bit more positive and timely than the greenhouse was.

The Corn is coming up!


The Lumite weed barrier!  YAY!


The new sages and their swale.


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