Piggies Rooting!

The pigs are getting to be ginormous!  Came in from the city the other day and they had managed to knock over their feed bin.  It was low on food and (as pigs are want to do) tried to simply muscle their way deeper in to it to get at the feed.

While they won’t get on a scale, I am estimating comparing them to our dog – who weighs about 100 lbs – that they are easily that large.  They love to be scratched (which is something akin to petting a muddy football) and when they come up and push into your legs wanting attention, there is no doubt about their size.  These critters are little tanks!

This video shows Bossy rooting around.  The pile she is on is a HUGE pile of composted horse manure that was here when we bought the place.  It is loaded with grubs and the three of them have been having a time turning the whole pile over with their snouts to get at them (of which I am most grateful!).

Bossy is up to her nose in Sh..!  Go Bossy go!

Wheat Harvest

Wow did we underestimate the labor involved with this project!  It is one thing to plant the wheat; its a whole ‘nuther thing to cut it, thresh it, and winnow it!

Next year we WILL have a scythe.  The field is 70 x 70 which is bigger than most suburbanite homes.  We are cutting the whole thing down with a hand sickle which means being bent over and cutting the stalks off at ground level.  We managed to get half down and then it started to rain.  So now we have to wait for the field to dry before we can do the other half.

Because we have yet to put up a barn for critters and hay and such (the barn we have right now being for equipment), the hay is stacked in our basement on tarps.  From there we thresh it (the removal of the wheat heads from the stalks) and then it will be winnowed (removing the “shells” of the wheat berries by letting wind carry them away), leaving us with the end result:  whole grain raised with no chemicals, no synthetic fertilizers, and no pesticides.

I planted the field with 25 lbs of red spring wheat.  It will be interesting to see after all is said and done, if we harvested more than what we sowed.

The wheat field:

2015 wheat 3

The harvested wheat:

2015 wheat 1

The farmer with his ass in the air!  HOT!

2015 wheat 2

The foot powered (treadle powered) thresher:

Zina hard at it: