The Greenhouse Construction Has Commenced!

Of course during what has been one of the hottest weeks of the summer, we started constructing the greenhouse.  It is a pretty straight forward design.  Once we figured out which tab goes in what slot and how not to burn out one’s hammer drill driving self-tapping screws into 12 gauge steel, it just started to flow.  Aaron would disagree, of course, as he thought the trusses were pretty heavy (probably around 100 lbs. each I’m guessing).  They aren’t light, but the issue is more in them being awkward.  They like to wobble around a bit when trying to seat them in their appropriate ground rail pegs and we had a couple of them get away and crash to the ground thus making for good entertainment and freaked out looks!

As I write, it is over 90 degrees so we came in for awhile.  Now that the skeleton is up they all need to be screwed down and then the whole building needs to be squared.  After that we true all the trusses vertically and tie them in place with hat channel steel.  We should have the majority of the frame done by the end of the weekend.  Yet one more construction project getting under our belts!  Can’t wait to have the plants growing and the music playing out there this winter!

The length is 36 feet; width 24 feet; wall height 7 feet and roof peak 11 feet.  When the trusses were on the ground being built they were deceiving.  They looked much shorter than that really are.  This is a big beastie. You can kind of compare it to the height of the fifth wheel trailer in the background.  The trailer would just fit into it directly under the roof peaks.

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