I’ve done landscaping and built huge gardens.  We’ve refurbished a house and built a chicken coop and pig pen but this is simply the biggest structure I’ve ever built.  All I can say is good job son, and farmer Jon!  Even Zina got in on the act today and helped hold the trim in place while I climbed up that infernal ladder one last time!  I am looking forward to some good nights of sleep where my brain isn’t spinning trying to figure out the next stages and ensuring that I don’t do anything stupid and irreversible.  Its up!  Its here!  Woohoo!!

What we have discovered is that it is very hot!  We will definitely be putting up shade cloth next spring to help block some of the sun.  The fans seem to be doing their job and when the solar array is put up we will be able to run all the fans we want to without having to worry about the electric bill.

We have started laying Lumite on the walk way areas with the intention of bringing in gravel for the “floor”.  A trick we learned from some greenhouse videos is that you can spray down the gravel with water in the morning and it will help to keep the humidity up throughout the day.  You flat landers might not think that that would be important because your air is as thick as a swimming pool, but out here where the humidity on a bad day is only 30% it will certainly help.

IT”S DONE!!!!!!!!!!!

IMG_4030 IMG_4029 GH done 3 GH done 2 GH done 1

2 comments on “Done

  1. Karla Lindquist says:

    I parked my (former) greenhouse in a spot so that about 12-3 ish in the afternoon (dependent upon time of year) the sun had to sneak behind some trees. Then it would emerge again in the afternoon after a ‘rest’ had occurred. This seemed to work great as it caught the morning sun and would really heat up. Ever consider planting a fast growing tree in the south western corner to perhaps lend an assist? Poplars grow pretty quick and would only be throwing the shade in the months that are warm. Just a thought…

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