Pigs Off To The Baconator!

We took the pigs off to the processor last week.  The “cookies” – the ones we called Oreo and Double Stuff – got onto the trailer without a problem.  We deprived them of food for an evening so they were more than willing to jump into the trailer when we put some apples in it.  They have extraordinary noses!

Bossy, the one that was almost all black in color, has some issues with her back hips.  She wanted nothing to do with the ramp going into the trailer.  In fact, when we tried to give her a bit of a push, she balked considerably.  Believe me, with their low center of gravity, if a 220 lb pig doesn’t want to be moved…. its not going to be moved.  Also, because the other two were already on the trailer, had we really insisted in getting her in there, we ran the risk of the other two coming back off!  Soooooo, Bossy is still with us for another month.  I am going to have to build a chute to get her up in the trailer.  Not a problem, she now gets all the food to herself and I’m sure she doesn’t mind that much.

Oreo and Doubles are now in the process of becoming smoked ham and bacon.  It has been a great experience and we are thinking that raising our own might be a great idea.  They were fun animals, they were raised with the best food stuffs, they were never caged up, or mis-treated, or given antibiotics, or GMO’s, and in the end they were meant to be food and food they will be.  Not only that but they were a big help in turning over my biggest compost pile and that will be put on the gardens here in the next couple of weeks.

pigs to processor 2015

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