Freezer Camp II

One Wednesday, Bossy the pig goes to the processor.  The other two went about a month or so ago.  I can tell you with conviction, that if we had no other reason for having a hobby farm, the produce and meat would be reason enough.  Oh my god is that bacon and ham amazing!

The first two went off first because they were no trouble to get on the trailer.  Bossy, having some issues with her hips, wanted nothing to do with getting loaded.  We figured that if we forced her on, the other two might try to come back off so we decided to keep Bossy Britches another month.  You could tell she was lonely being all by herself, but she thought it was the best thing ever to have all the food to herself!  As a result, she is easily 300 lbs.  To get an idea of how much meat that translates into just multiply by .68.  We got 350 lbs of meat from the other two.  If Bossy is 300 lbs then there is another 200 lbs on the way!  Good thing our neighbor wants a bunch!  The hams are HUGE and I could eat the sausage every day!

Now here’s the thing.  We bought them from a breeder, fed them nothing but expensive organic feed, apples, milk, bread, and whey protein, had them butchered by the shop the next town over and it worked out to about 5 buck a pound start to finish!  You can’t buy factory pork for that price!  This was boutique meat.  The finest of the fine and raised about 200 feet from where I am sitting.  Not only do we have chicken and pork for at least the next year and so do my neighbors in town, it has had no, Zero ZIP antibiotics, they weren’t raised in cement floored crates, they lived outside, the manure was used for compost and fertilizer not held in football sized lagoons, they lived a good life, and the meat is better than anything you have ever tasted!

So today the Freezer Camp Express got backed up into place so she could get used to it being there.  A couple of ranch gates I have were strung up to make chutes, and Wednesday morning off she’ll go.  We are so enthused by all of this we are considering raising and breeding our own. They are no more trouble than dogs (easier actually) and a whole lotta fun.  If a football team had a squad of these porkers on the front line they would not be disappointed.  Pigs is STOUT!

Freezer camp freezer camp 6 freezer camp 5 freezer camp 2

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