The Playground Continues

I was making breakfast this morning and when I turned around and looked out the living room window all of the post braces were gone.  The guys were out there working and taking advantage of this incredibly weird January weather.  Not to be outdone, I got ye old overalls on and got the old crate fired up and headed out for a day of fencing.

By the end of the day, the crew had the barn framed up to the headers.  Tomorrow they set the trusses and they should be skinning the thing by the first part of next week.

I am half way through the fencing.  I have the equivalent of two sides done.  I needed some fencing splicers, which came today, and will be out completing 3 of the 4 sides. I’ll get farther if I can, but my back dictates a lot of what I can accomplish.

More to come.