The Towels Are Threaded

My first weaving project that isn’t class related.  I am making my first set of kitchen towels.  They are made from unmercerized organic cotton using a “Waffle” weave pattern.  Actually there will be four towels all threaded the same.  The difference in texture will be in how the treadles are tied up.  It’s all about which threads get lifted and in what order.  Weaving isn’t just the back and forth of yarn that you are likely most accustomed to seeing.  A good 80% is in the design, the warping process and then getting all those threads on the loom without turning it into a rat’s nest.  These are just about ready to go.  493 threads all in their own individual heddles.  This is such a fun hobby.  I’m eager to keep going (Of course, tomorrow I’m going to be on the tractor mowing for 5 hours, so maybe I’ll get it all wound and tensioned).  One thing for certain is that one does not rush the set up.  It leads to mistakes, which leads to cussing, which leads to…..