A Taste of Winter

Fall is finally hear.  The absolutely soul crushing heat has finally subsided.  You will never hear me complain about cool and cold weather.  I may get sick of snow after awhile but I hate excessive heat, especially humid heat (which, fortunately, we don’t get here).  Having the temps even get down into the mid-80’s later this past summer seemed heaven sent.  Now that its been in the 60’s, I’ve been in my element.

The weather is weird now though on a pretty regular basis (cuz nothing is wrong, nothing urgent to see here).  Yesterday we were in the mid-sixties.  Today, with a storm racing out of Canada on the now completely broken Jet Stream, we have two inches of snow on the ground and the high will be 27 and tonight it is going down to 14.  A thirty to forty degree temperature swing in one day.

So in amidst the canning yesterday, Zina was busy outside getting all the eyeballs and stomachs all situated for the impending early onset of winter.  The turkeys were fed and watered, the goats got fluffed up straw in their huts to hunker down in, the chickens are closed up and the donkeys are all dressed up in their winter coat finery.  This morning she went out and checked on everyone, broke open the waterers and just made sure everyone was cozy.

Next Tuesday is supposed to be 60 again.  Ever get the feeling we are totally screwed?


These are the sweetest boys on the planet.  Ain’t they cute!?


One comment on “A Taste of Winter

  1. tonytomeo says:

    Our canning is so terribly behind schedule. It is a long story. Very long. In your previous post, you mentioned canning beans that were already cooked. Is that just so that they can be heated up real quick? I prefer to store dried beans just as dried beans. There have been times when we got too many, so I canned them . . . as dried beans. I know it sounds silly, but they last better that way. Once out of the can, they of course need to be cooked just liked dried beans.

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