She Gets Me

So as one does after making it around the sun again, I got another year older in September.  My birthday present and Christmas presents for the next 10 years will be my loom, but Zina surprised me with a great birthday gift.  Plastic gas cans, especially with their infernal safety valves are one of the worst inventions ever conceived.  You can’t get the top off to fill them and then when you use them to fill a tank, they spill everywhere and make you smell like gas!  I had a plastic one for diesel fuel for the tractor and replaced it with a steel one for the same reason.

So Zina got me a steel gasoline can!  YAY!  I detest plastic Chinese manufactured crap!  I never buy junk and these plastic “cans” were way grumping me out.  Now how many of you can say you got a gas can for your birthday!?  Woohoo!!


One comment on “She Gets Me

  1. tonytomeo says:

    GADS! The cheap Chinese junk! Sadly, it is all some of us can afford, even though we know it is more expensive in the long run. You would not believe how impossible it is to find just a simple leather belt that lasts! I wore one in college that was probably the only belt I wore through college. I just got one that is made of a thin bit of something that seems to be leather, sewn to two other layers of something ‘else’. I know there are three layers because it is now falling apart, with all the guts hanging out. It did not last a month. My boots are doing the same thing. The soles just peeled off. What do people in China wear?!

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