No More Sugar Coating For Snowflakes

We have no more time for “beliefs.”  “I don’t believe we are headed for trouble.” I don’t believe in Climate Change” “Or,  “If it is real, humans aren’t the cause”.  Along with the biggest reality denier:  “If things progress as they are, then “By the end of the century things will start getting bad”. If you think that, then quit reading this blog.  I’m done glossing things over.  I’ve gone into retreat here on the homestead and have gone no contact with most of the world so that I can heal and regroup from abuse and from the ignorance of the society we live in that has been perpetrated by a culture that deifys and elevates Sociopaths and Narcissists.  We are all being gaslighted and my experience with Narcissistic abuse has shown me that the ruling elite are doing it to everyone.  You are being made to ignore the man behind the curtain and told to only listen and believe what the thin veil of doublespeak tells you.  Orwell was right.  This system is coming down and it’s high time we quit worrying about ruffling our abuser‘s feathers by talking about it.  Saving for some “retirement”?  What a joke.  This embedded video speaks the truth. The financial system is going to collapse as nature does.   You don’t want the truth?  Go to Disneyland.  This is why I dropped out.  This is why for most of 2019 I will be unavailable to family and to society.  There is work to be done and hurt feelings can go drown in someone else’s wine.


The Farmer

To quote Greta in my last video posting above, “I want you to panic.”


One comment on “No More Sugar Coating For Snowflakes

  1. tonytomeo says:

    Despite your advise, I will continue to read your blog. It is just too relevant to ignore. I am in a region where it could go either way. Millions just a short distance from here will not survive. Some here will survive. I happen to be one who can help those who survive, but I am not certain . . . about that. The incentive is that some who choose to survive will need the help. Those who know of my primitive lifestyle, and ability to survive the way I do invite me to become part of their community. I already help with their preparedness and self sustainability. Yet, we never know when it will happen, and I am not too different from the other millions. I realize that I have a responsibility to what survives of society, but I am so very discouragesd by how it is all going.

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