2 comments on “JAZ Farm 2019 Video Update

  1. tonytomeo says:

    SO much flat space! Wow! I so miss flat space. The Santa Clara Valley has a bit of flat space, but it is all under . . . stuff. There is plenty of space here, but none of it is flat, and much of it is shaded. There is also so much infrastructure there. It seems to me that maintenance of the infrastructure will be as much work as the rest of the gardening, like working in a greenhouse range. It is all so neat and precisely built!

    • aghippie says:

      Thanks! Yes, we live on a flat prairie. It doesn’t grow anything that is why I had to build it all and bring in decent soil. The infrastructure has taken years to build. I tend to over build as we have very harsh weather here. Those beds should last for years however. The greenhouse has stood up against some ferocious storms so structurally it is very sound. At some point in the future it will need new covering but that is with any type except for maybe actual glass.

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