Coop Deville


Ya baby!  It all fit and with inches to spare!  That oughta hold a bird or two.  Of course now Zina wants me to build one for the dogs.  Maybe in the fall.  This one is for our chickens, but we put 17 new turkey eggs in the incubator today.  We have to clip the flight feathers on the teenagers tomorrow.  They’ve found out how to escape the pen.  Free ranging is fine…… right up until the hawk flies away with you.



3 comments on “Coop Deville

  1. tonytomeo says:

    That is pretty luxurious.
    The baby turkeys that roam the neighborhood are growing fast, but no one is doing anything about them! My former neighbor knew how to select a good turkey. They all look the same too me. Besides, I do not care if they are any good. The best ones are just dead.

    • aghippie says:

      I think wild turkey tastes like sh.. These are seriously tender and flavorful. One of our main sources of meat besides chicken and pork.

      • tonytomeo says:

        I do not know how it compares to sh.. because I have never tries sh… Most tell me that they are not very good at all. I do not mind it, particularly since I do not like turkey much anyway. If they had better flavor, they might not be so numerous now.

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