The Finished Product/Project

Got the door today to use as a worm bin cover.  It even had hinges attached so all I had to do was heave it up there, center it and screw it down.  It needs a handle as it is a solid core door and moderately heavy.  If I used a standard indoor version, the weather here would eat it up in short order.  I moved it over by the house as it is a bit shadier on that side.  I’m not thinking barbecued or steamed worm would go well on a salad.

I ordered 6 pounds of worms today and they should be arriving next week.  As red wrigglers can eat half their weight in scraps a day, we will be using anything from kitchen scraps, coffee filters, newspaper and cardboard, to donkey and goat hay and chicken manure, discards from the food bank that Zina works with, as well as weeds, grass, spent straw, and garden waste to keep up with the 3 lbs. of food they will need every day.  Looking forward to a bathtub full of black gold.  I also found two, 30 gallon steel garbage cans for the biochar burners.  It’s not ideal, but it will get the project underway.   Now to find a couple of 4 foot lengths of stove pipe so I can finish the build.



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