Here’s One You’ll Never Hear Told In The City Over Drinks


Ah! Farm life!  Tank’s pink eye didn’t improve, so catch a goat, put goat in a dog crate. Put crate in car.  Next time bring ear plugs cuz goats scream.  Watch goat do back flips at the vet to try to escape.  Listen to more screams while getting injections and having eye lid sutured shut.  Put goat back in car.  While driving home have goat pee all over himself cuz that’s what bucks do.  Roll down windows in 95 degree heat to kill the smell in the car that you are taking up for your son to use cuz he got a new job at school.  Such is the life.  Tomorrow begins super-duty fly suppression cuz that’s what spreads it.  More goop to apply to his eye.  So much for weeding the gardens.  Glad plants are forgiving.

One comment on “Here’s One You’ll Never Hear Told In The City Over Drinks

  1. tonytomeo says:

    The title got my attention. Really though, people with a bit of space here keep trendy breeds of goats as ‘pets’. They have professionals come out to tend to their fainting miniature goats or other trendy animals that do nothing more than provide bragging rights. Llamas were the trendy pets years ago. I sort of wonder what happened to them when the trend was no longer trendy. It is so weird and . . . creepy. We brag about wine too, as if any of us actually knows what goes into growing a grape. (This is part of why I loathe wine so.) Yet, I got complaints from neighbors who saw me out in my own garden pruning my own fig tree. I so miss the vast orchards that were here before. I so wish everyone would go back home instead of whining about being here. Anyway, enough of that rant.

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