Club Nigerian Bucks, No Girls Allowed

As I mentioned when we were going through the “Bomb Cyclone” this past winter, all of our animals were fine except our little bucklings.  All they had to hunker down in was a corrugated steel hog hut.  Even with it facing away from the prevailing wind, it still swirled around because of the severe wind speeds and went into the entrance and made them very cold.  They had icicles on their fur and were so happy when we brought out towels to help dry them off.  It hurt my heart to see them.

I was very determined to ensure that that wouldn’t happen again.  Tuff Sheds were stupid expensive.  While out to dinner one evening, we noticed that a lot in the next town over had sheds.  So the next day I went in and inquired.  The company is Cumberland Sheds and are built here in Colorado.  They seem sturdy and given the price, I couldn’t build it for any less.

Hurray! Today was delivery day.  They had this gizmo called a “Shed Mule”.  They slid it off the trailer, hooked it up and moved it right into place.  We were even able to keep it true to the farm colors: Cream and Forest Green.  So tomorrow, I need to head up to the feed store and get some stall mats for the floor so the boys don’t stink it up and have the wood floor rot.

This little hut is 8 x 12.  It has a ton of room for a passel of goats plus their hay.  So one more building on the farm.  I have just resigned myself to “that’s what it takes”. After all, one of the bucks is the daddy of our two new babies!  I think I have found my favorite farm animal, Nigerian Dwarf Goats.  They are irritating, get into everything, have no sense of personal space ESPECIALLY when you have treats and are the sweetest little shits around!  The babies are doing great.  Ginger is being an awesome momma and in one more week, we get to start milking.


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