2 comments on “And Rightfully They Shouldn’t

  1. I have nothing but admiration for young Greta. But….there’s always a but…her primary demand – she’s asking them to leave fossil fuel in the ground and to use renewable energy in its place. While this is all well and good, the main issue should be our obsession with the growth economy (profits at any cost) and on excess consumerism. If we still consume at the same rate we still have the same major problems creating a lot of waste and pollution. The entire monetary, credit based system needs to be scrapped.

    • aghippie says:

      Considering that she is a 17 year old kid and in no way should be dealing with all of this, she is phenomenal. She says, virtually every time she speaks, that she wants the people and entities that should be doing something about this to unite behind the science. She is a kid. She isn’t trying to create the solutions, she is trying to light a fire under the adults to get them off their asses. Something they decidedly won’t do. I’m sure why her heart break is because all she gets met with is why something won’t work, instead of saying, “We won’t fail you”. Its not her job to fix it. She, like all those kids, just want adults to be adults.

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