Before The Flames, The Harvest

The annual July wheat harvest is well underway. Farmers keep their fingers crossed as this staple crop approaches maturity and then dries itself out. Hail storms can knock entire fields down in minutes. Too much moisture and they can’t get the combines in the fields. Or this year, when it is so dry that I can dry our clothes on the line faster than a drier can dry them…. the world can go up in flames. The parade of grain trucks usually begins around the 4th of July. The harvesting will proceed day and night until completed. This year was a close one. The fields are bone dry but the heads are mature. Almost a perfect scenario. However, the drought has made things almost too dry. Up north of us a few miles, a 100 acre field (about 2.5 times the size of our place) caught fire and caused evacuations. So far the local elevator is filling up…. Diabetic White Bread and Wheat thins are safe again for another year! We lease out 30 acres to the farmer across the road from us. Evidently we are getting either Milo or Millet put in after he recovers from the marathon tractor session.

Grass fire:

Amber Waves Of Grain

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