There is climate change, there isn’t climate change?

It is completely baffling to me how our country has become a nation of religious nuts and anti-science ostriches.  Massive amounts of money has been spent by the big oil empire, using the same marketers the tobacco industry used to convince us that smoking hadn’t been determined to cause lung cancer, to convince the dimmest among us that climate change was some hoax being perpetrated on the public so the likes of Al Gore could get rich.  Well, my pop died thanks in large part to Salem cigarettes. The rest of us are going to have a tough go of it so that a very rich few can pull ancient sunlight out of the ground and pour massive amounts of carbon into the atmosphere.  All so that a few numbers on an Excel ledger can get bigger.

Being a financial planner I read and listen to a lot of different sources to help defend my clients from criminals.  Today on CNBC (one place where you can go to hear what urban out of touch rich people say to each other) there was an article that flies in the face of ALL of this disinformation.  How is it that the rich can blind the public so badly and demonize the scientists whose job it is to discover these things (I have a cousin in this gig) and then try to tell each other that the food supply is under assault from climate change?   The cognitive dissonance is staggering.

BTW:  Happy exceeding 400 ppm of atmospheric carbon month.  May our children forgive us.

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