A Pause to Go Celebrate

We have been running around like crazy the past week or so.  Aaron is graduating from High School this week!  Zina has been disinfecting the house, working in the garden, and shopping for graduation gifts.  Jon has been trying to get both the Urban Farm planted and get some of the Farm projects completed prior to Grandma’s visit.  Of course, this is all happening on the very week that is usually planting week.

The “tick-tack-toe” structure that will be used to hold up the chicken wire cover over the run is now built.  I had to get that done so that I could plant the Buffalo grass in the run itself.  The previous horse-tenants beat the ground hard and bare.  It needs some kind of ground cover, and considering that Buffalo grass holds up in Colorado better than the water hungry Kentucky Blue, it seemed to be just the ticket.

The half acre future garden has been plowed and tilled.  Gotta remember to wear ear protection out there.  The tractor and the banging of the tiller can make you deaf.  I am going to be planting in a bunch of Black Beans into the garden and then use the plants as green manure to compost the soil.  We are also planting seed corn and sunflowers to begin growing some food for the future chicken residents.

This week though, it is a pause for the graduate.  Grandma, the parents and the neighbors are all coming to cheer Aaron’s walk across the stage!  We are all so proud of him.  As a dad, I hope he walks into the next stage of his life and education with the drive and determination that will help him to achieve all of his hopes and dreams.

Woohoo!!!  Public school is over !!  I am looking forward to not having to work on english papers and physics projects!  While I will miss my kid, I will not really miss that!  It will be fun to Skype from time to time to get caught up and I relish to hear about the stories of adventures on campus when he comes home on break.  It is all on him now.  Time to step it up and keep on becoming the person he is supposed to be.

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