If you’ve never seen it

We have had 100 degree temperatures the past couple of days (mid-June).  Today we also had Scirocco type winds (hot 30 mph windspeed). As a result, 4 new wildfires have spawned.  One is in the Black Forest near Colorado Springs which is south and west of the farm.  If you have never seen a wildfire smoke plume here it is.  I took this from our back deck.  The big difference between this and simple cloud cover is that 1. It smells like a gigantic camp fire.  2.  It drops ash everywhere, and 3.  The “cloud” is orange and gray instead of the white or gray clouds one usually sees.  Here we go again in Colorado.  We cross our fingers every year that all of the forests that have been decimated by beetle kill (of course NOT cause by climate change Wahahahahaha!) don’t ignite and make the air here completely unbreathable.


This cloud is all smoke.

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