Happy Father’s Day!

Father’s day 2013 is the day that marks the end of the refurbishing of the horse shed!  Its been months of weekend work and the building is now complete!  Sure there are a lot of things that still are needed to be done to make it a secure chicken coop but the building itself if DONE!!  I was getting pretty tired of being on the business end of a circular saw and drill.  I finished up the interior walls a couple of days ago. Then Zina and I spent the past couple of days finishing the priming and adding the final coats of color.  All that is left is to build the window shutters, trench and cement in the perimeter of the entire coop and run, and string chicken wire over the top of the run.  That may sound like a lot and it is – BUT!  – it isn’t nearly has heavy and awkward as heaving sheets of plywood, measuring and remeasuring everything and hauling, sawing and drilling 2×6 and 2×4 stringers.

To quote a simple half wit shrubbery:  “Major construction operations have ended.  The effort to refurbish and repurpose the horse shed  has been won!”  In other words….”Mission Accomplished!”

Here are  before and after shots:


IMG_2560 IMG_2558 IMG_2563 IMG_2565

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