JUGS 1: The Astro-Nuts Christen the Observing Field

This past weekend was our first “formal” star party at the farm.  It was about a 50% success.  Mexico had a storm that decided to send us some very hot, muggy and rainy weather.  As a result, the skies were marginal on Friday and non-existent on Saturday.  On Friday night I had Zina’s binoculars out, there was another set of binoculars and another friend brought his Celestron C-11 scope.  He being the more optimistic of the bunch, actually set up.  I left my big scope in the basement, as I didn’t want to haul that beast around if it rained.  The same held true for Bill’s big binos.

The skies on Friday were so-so.  We were able to see some objects and of course mooched off of Mike to look through his 11 inch scope when there was anything un-obscured.

The fences are working fabulously.  One of my Astro-nut buddies said that I have created an observing “Mecca” on the high plains of Colorado…. coming from a very well experienced astronomer, I consider that quite a complement.

We ate well, solved all the world’s problems, laughed, watched movies, and……. a bunch of 50 something kids drove around on the JAZ Farm tractor.  It was hilarious to watch.  I also now likely have some future farm hands and egg purchasers to boot.

This was a lot of fun.  It wasn’t a perfect observing weekend (they rarely ever are) but they are my favorite company which makes even a downpour a good time.

Here is the observing field in stand by mode:




Here are the Astro-Nuts playing with farm toys:

IMG_2590 IMG_2588 IMG_2585

2 comments on “JUGS 1: The Astro-Nuts Christen the Observing Field

  1. Mike says:

    Thanks again Mr. Farmer for a wonderful time at the inaugural JUGS (JAZ farm Under the Glittering Stars). We had a wonderful time and the hospitality, food, and tractor rides were awesome!

    • aghippie says:

      No problem! Just watched a great show on Amazon streaming. It’s called Europa Report. Wow! Darrell Dodge from our club recommended it as we were lamenting all of these cloud outs!

      Sent from my iPad

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