Finally This Sees the Light of Day!!!

Its been a while since I’ve posted much new.  As many of you know, northern Colorado got hammered with a 100 year storm.  We have been keeping a vigil on things and keeping in communication with clients and friends who weren’t as lucky as we were and have sustained severe flooding.  We wish them all the best and hope that this isn’t a portend of things to come.

The fear currently, as some of these flood waters start to subside is just how extensive the damage is to all of the 1000’s of fracking wells in Weld County.  The report right now is that at least one storage tank has ruptured and sent over 5000 gallons of crude oil down the South Platte river.  I certainly hope that this kind of damage is minimized and that we don’t have to deal with the pollution of ground water, ill health, and general mess involved with uncontained, unconstrained oil.

On a more positive note I ran across an article that actually is bringing a very serious issue to light.  My doctor friends and I have often talked about how the CDC (Center for Disease Control) has repeatedly issued statements indicating how antibiotics are being rendered ineffective due to their overuse.  Most of the statements were admonitions to physicians to not over prescribe these drugs, as though the use of them on humans was the cause of this problem.  Never mentioned was the fact that 70% of the anti-biotic use in this country is used on animals!  Sub-therapeutic administering of antibiotics on animals raised in concentrated feeding facilities is releasing tons of these things into the environment through consumption of treated meat and their leaching into our drinking water.  None of this seemed to be addressed.  Big Ag is intensely powerful and it would come as no surprise if there influence over the USDA, the FDA, and the CDC would keep this from getting out.  Cudo to the reporter who finally brought this to light.  Sunshine is a great sanitizer.  Here is hoping that this has some influence in policy decisions going forward.

BAN CAFO’s!!!     Occupy the Food Supply!!!

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