So What Does A Farmer Do When He is Cooped Up Like The Chickens?

So What Does A Farmer Do When He is Cooped Up Like The Chickens?

He starts building the seedling starter room in the basement of course! Until I get my greenhouse made of recycled and reclaimed windows built (another heavy outdoor project) I need to have a place to start the seedlings for this spring. As the basement is just about 60 feet long, I have most of the light fixtures and cords, Voila order some greenhouse tables, string some lights, get the hydroponic lettuce tables going and we are in business. Just found out the tables shipped yesterday. Now I get to go to where my money lives! Home Depot!!! Woohoo!;gs_greenhouse_benches_shelves;pg106075.html

Ready To Call The Chicken Freeze a Success

We have now survived the 3 nights of minus 10. No bird losses and only minor frost bite on a couple of the rooster’s combs. Even in this cold, the boys are gleefully engaging in Fen Hucking. The new jiggering of the water system has kept the water thawed in wicked cold. Zina and I went inside the coop to see what the conditions are really like in the cold and wind and it is surprisingly comfortable. No drafts. The girls are all roosting, the boys are strutting their stuff and we can hear them crowing all the way inside our house. JAZ Farm chicken ranch has been put through the paces and come out the other side with a gold medal! Woohoo!

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