Thou Shall NOT Pass!

So we are still trying to decide the fate of at least one of the roosters.  At this point we are kind of leaning toward keeping the Wyandotte male, the biggest of the Orpingtons and one other.  The one we hear crowing the most may just be advertising his willingness to become stew.  It seems that his favorite hobby is crowing.  All four crow but this one seems to be calling out to the crock pot.

The Wyandotte’s name was Sorpressa (Spanish for surprise).  When she was found to be a he it became Sorpresso (masculine).  We have decided to call the biggest Orpington Gandalf.   Gandalf protects his flock, is compassionate and gentle with the ladies and isn’t overtly noisy.  He even lets us pick him up.  The other two Orpington roos are noisy, rough and obnoxious.  Gandalf fits.

IMG_2980 IMG_3071

Da Eggs Was Tasty!

Da Eggs was Tasty!

Although the first eggs from the new girls were not much bigger than golf balls, they were very tasty! The yolks were practically rusty orange. Of course, if you have never had eggs right outta the bird’s butt you haven’t lived! We compared them to the organics we get at Whole Foods and the store boughts couldn’t come close in color and flavor. Fun!