Trying To Stay Organized

Ordered the drip tape system for the farm. It will handle up to 40, 100′ rows on one flow zone. The garden will use up every one of them.

Also mapped out the urban garden today and used my Mother Earth News garden software to get the calendar set for planting dates. Seedling starts begin next week and will continue through March. The urban farm hoop huts will get the cool season veggies going faster than normal (Cauliflower, Broccoli, Spinach, Peas, and Lettuce). The direct sowed seeds will happen Mid-May through the first week of June. Cover crops this year for soil improvement will be Crimson Clover, Dry Beans, Bush Beans, Alfalfa, Amaranth, and Millet.

As usual the grow room/seed starter room is going to be pretty full. Along with the new greenhouse tables at the farm. Several thousand plants by the looks of things.

Time to order the black plastic mulch….

And so, once again, it begins……



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