Mother Nature… or Climate 2.0 wins.

Three massive hail storms in the past week  –  the last being tonight.  The garden is gone.  We are expecting more of these storms in the next 2 days.  Last year, we had no weather at all. This year?  Oh My God!  We have been completely devastated.  The chickens are healthy and the city garden is providing a much needed back up.  We will plant other things but all of the plants you saw in the pictures in previous posts from down in our basement… gone.  In all of my years in Colorado I have never seen the like.  It rained ice here three different times.

Our farmer who leased the land from us to plant wheat has seen a total loss.  Crop insurance will be paid and the remains of the crop will be cut and baled.

This has been insane.  I am so sad.  This has been so hard.  The weather wins.  Uncle.