Sumo Birds

The roasters are growing into little Godzillas.  They sure don’t like to get far from the food and water.  The little bit they do go out into the run is early in the morning when it is cool.  The rest of the day they make circles around either the food bins or the waterers.  I give them access to about 11 gallons of water and pretty much unlimited food.  This week, (5 weeks old) they went through all of the water and about 40 lbs of food in less 3 days.  Good thing we don’t have to keep them longer than about 8 weeks.  They’d eat us out of house and home.  If I had to guess, they are all around 3 pounds.  The expectation is that they will be anywhere from 4 to 8 pounds.  We have lost 3 to heart attacks so my purchase of buying 30 to end up with 25 seems to have been sound.  I expect that we will use the 4th of July weekend for processing.  Its a long weekend and it will put them right at 8 weeks old.

I bought the posts to build the pig pen today.  Aaron was tasked with helping to find an optimal location and figure out how to lay out a rectangle on the ground with even sides and square corners.  We will commence the post hole digging once again soon.  This weekend though is hoeing and adding some extra drip lines to some of the garden beds.  I will try to remember to take pictures of the farm beds as well and get those posted.  The root stuff seems to be doing well.  The potato greenage looks very healthy.  Summer growing and chicken plucking is underway.

sumo 2              Sumo 1