Just Keep Growing, Just Keep Growing, Just Keep Growing, Growing, Growing

We are now into the “normal” summer weather.  It has been in the 90s and dry.  Finally, the plants are getting a chance to really heal and progress.  The urban garden has gone to town as usual.  The Roma tomatoes are setting lots of fruit, the cucumbers and summer squash are getting huge We just harvested a bushel of Broccoli and Cauliflower and Kale and the garlic patch gets pulled tomorrow.  All of the vacated beds are going to be planted with green beans.  Gotta get em growing so we have enough to can in the fall.  The two crops I think I will skip from here on out are the Cauliflower and Peas.  They just don’t do well here.  We may plant more of the kitchen garden things in town next year and use the farm as the storage food garden.  It seems that is what each is suited for.  Once we get the greenhouse up, then it all can be done out here.

The farm garden is really doing pretty well.  There has been enough of a break in the damaging storms for things to start coming around.  Even the Tomatillos are full of flowers.  The Cherry Tomatoes look pretty nasty but even they are getting some flowering.

To all of the JAZ Farm followers have a great 4th of July weekend!  We will be processing chickens, weeding, harvesting some wheat and laying out the markers for the pig pen!  Oh ya and eating awesome food!

As my friend and fellow homesteader Paul said today on the phone (After telling me his temporary barn ended up as a kite that flew to the back of his property because of a tornado), the quote on the gravestone will read, “Took on one too many projects!”  So true.

>Potatoes!  Hilled em up last weekend.  If we even only get say 4 potatoes per potato we planted we will have some 300 pounds of potatoes this year.  We will save and put up a bunch of course, but many will go to friends and food banks.

IMG_3451 IMG_3449 IMG_3448

The onions seem to really like the sandy soil.


Kidney beans for chili in the winter!



We are going to have corn bread!!


Acorn and Butternut squash!


The Tomatillos appear to be indestructible.


Beets for pickling, roasting, and juicing


The sweet corn!  Wonder if it will be enough to put up or if we will have to supplement from a local organic farm?  Looks good so far!



General greenage!  It is starting to become attractive.  Dark green in a sandy tan soil.  Chickens clucking, roosters crowing, plants growing, life is good.



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